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HK Student Science Project Competition (HKSSPC) 2021
7 August 2021
Have been involved with HKSSPC for quite some years now, but this is the first year I have been involved from the beginning as an advisor to a judge at the final competition. A morning well spent at HK Science Park, interacting with these students F2F. I am happy to see that depsite all obstacles brought by COVID-19, these students have persisted in working on their science inventions/investigations this year. Well done!

Press Release
1 June 2021
HKUMed researchers unveil a novel molecular mechanism underlying liver cancer drug resistance and tumor recurrence.
Details of the full press release can be found here.
Media coverage:
Sky Post 晴報
Oriental Daily 東方
HK Commercial Daily 香港商报
Wen Wei Po

香港經濟日報HKET Interview
29 April 2021
Thank you for the feature. I hope my sharing will help attract the interest of our next generation in science and research. The article can be viewed here.
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Sharing with Wai Kiu College at the 7th ‘Meeting the Scientists and Engineering Leaders’
27 April 2021
Happy to have the opportunity to speak with students of Wai Kiu College 惠橋英文中學 at the 7th ‘Meeting the Scientists and Engineering Leaders’ held on April 27, 2021. The event is co-organized by Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences and Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, with support from Innovation and Technology Commission. Always excited to promote the fun of biomedical research and innovation!


HK Commerical Radio “一家大晒 We are Family” Radio Interview
6 April 2021
Fun experience promoting science education and Croucher Science Week on CR1 “We are Family” radio programme. The interview aired 6 April 2021. Clip available online. Thank you Tristan Lai for your great hosting skills and for the invitation.

CR Radio 2 CR Radio 1

Croucher Science Week 2021
27 March to 11 April 2021
Matthew and Jane, two PhD students from the SMA lab participated at the Croucher Science Week / HK SciFest 2021. The duo contributed to the making of two IMAGINE Lab videos on “A day in the life of a biologist” and “Who stole my snacks?”. We hope the public found the videos entertaining and educational. Thank you to Croucher Foundation for the opportunity 🙂




Youtube link here.



Youtube link here.

54th Joint School Science Exhibition (JSSE)
20 March 2021
A Saturday morning well-spent listening to different science projects on novel ways to improve air quality. The theme of this year’s JSSE is ‘balance’ and students are required to design their innovative inventions around nature and urban development. Happy and impressed by these secondary school students’ presentation skills, scientific knowledge and creative thinking. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this year’s proposal interviewing scheme. I hope the passion for science in these young kids will continue to grow!

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Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2020
15 August 2020
Fun serving on the initial judging panel for the Senior Division for this year’s HKSSPC. Happy to see our local secondary school student’s creativity and enthusiasm for science. The future is yours to create!

Update on COVID-19 from Expert Local Scientists
Co-organized by the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences and Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education, a webinar on COVID-19 was held on 14 March 2020. Professors Ben Cowling and Leo Poon shared the latest about the new coronavirus. Dr. Stephanie Ma participated as a moderator of the event.

To view the seminar, click here.

跟癌魔鬥快 – Eastweek 東周刊
November 2019
Thank you for the feature 👩‍🔬

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Nature’s Red Pencil: Writing and Rewriting Genomes
Talk Series on Emerging Technologies – Science, Opportunities and Challenges
Dr. Stephanie Ma, together with Dr. Bo Gao, Dr. Alan Wong and Dr. Angela Wu, delivered a talk on genome editing on 12 July 2019 at the Education Bureau Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre. The event was well attended with over 200 primary and secondary school students and teachers. The event is the first of a series of talks on emerging technologies that is co-organized by the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences (YASHK) and the Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education (HKAGE) with support from the Education Bureau (EDB).

About “Talk Series on Emerging Technologies – Science, Opportunities and Challenges”
In the past few centuries, we have been witnessing the huge impacts of advancements in science and technology on the socioeconomic developments of our society. Assisted by the new technologies, the productivity and the living standards of people have been raised tremendously, but also with awareness and ramifications on the health and sustainability of our environment. We are currently at the dawn of a new industrial revolution and the impacts of technology on our society is even greater. Emerging technologies such as quantum engineering, genome editing, artificial intelligence and renewable energy will likely have a revolutionary impact on our way of living, our planet, and our way of understanding nature and even ourselves. YASHK and HKAGE are committed to inform our school teachers and students about the latest emerging technologies, to prepare our next generations for the opportunities and challenges ahead of us.

About “Nature’s Red Pencil: Writing and Rewriting Genomes”
An organism’s genome is the instruction manual that dictates a large part of the organism’s biological characteristics and functions. Genome editing technologies, which has recently experienced huge breakthroughs, are able to make precise additions, deletions, and alterations to the genome. With these technological advances has come an explosion of interest in the possible applications of genome editing, both in conducting fundamental research, and in promoting human health through the treatment or prevention of disease and disability. As with other medical advances, these applications come with their own set of benefits, risks, regulatory frameworks, ethical issues, and societal implications. At the talk, the basic principles and applications of gene editing, as well as the ethical issues surrounding this revolutionary technology was discussed.

52nd Joint School Science Exhibition (JSSE)
March 2019
My first experience with serving as an adjudicator for the proposal interviewing scheme for this annual event. Thank you for the invitation!


Croucher Science Week 2018 to 2020
Dr. Stephanie Ma is one of twelve members that took part in the Croucher Science Week, an annual science festival that attracts a wide audience from the general public, aiming at raising science literarcy within the Hong Kong society, connecting local scientists with the general public, relating science to daily lives, promoting frontier research being conducted in Hong Kong, nurturing science curiosity among young generations and inspiring students to participate in research and innovation. The event is organized and funded by the Croucher Foundation, with support from the Education Bureau, Leisure and Cultural Services Department as well as Hong Kong Science Museum. In 2018 and 2019, activities in which Dr. Ma participated in include “What’s it like being a scientist?” at the HK SciFest, visiting over 15 primary and secondary schools to deliver a 1-hour science show, and writing column articles in local newspapers including those in and HK01.

Newspaper columns:
August 25 2018 –
Cancer: Rumors, Myths and Truths

November 12 2018 – HK01 香港01
Why cancer is so difficult to cure?

Youtube links to Croucher Science Week: Programme Highlight of 2018 and Croucher Science Week: We Visit Primary Schools and Croucher Science Week: We Visit Secondary Schools.

The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) – Hong Kong Gifted Apprentice Programme (HKGAP) 2018
Happy to have the opportunity to participate in this meaningful program. HKGAP is a 2-year mentorship programme organized by HKAGE. It aims at offering unique opportunities to highly gifted and ready students to achieve excellence in areas of interests and to go beyond this interest to achieve whole-person development with the help of mentors from various sectors including those from the academic, business and politics, as well as those in new start-ups, etc.