Current Members

Dr. Stephanie MA
Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU
Principal Investigator, State Key Laboratory of Liver Research
Founding Member (Elected), The Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences

Dr. Man TONG, Carol – Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Kai Yu NG, Johnson – Lab Manager / Senior Technical Officer
Dr. Tin Lok WONG, Eric – Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr. Lei ZHOU, Lena – Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms. Ho Chun LOONG, Jane – PhD student (2017-2021)
Mr. Tsz Lam WONG, Matthew – PhD student (2018-2021)
Mr. Jia Jian LOH – HKPF PhD student (2019-2023)
Mr. Yunong XIE – Research Assistant
Ms. Suo LING, Sarah – Research Assistant
Mr. Cheuk LI, Terry – Research Assistant
Ms. Ying Tung LAM, Coco – Research Assistant

Lab Alumni

Dr. Kwan Ho TANG – Co-supervised PhD student (2008-2011)
Mr. Pak Shing KWAN – Research Assistant (2009-2013)
Mr. Yu Long GAO, Aaron – Research Assistant (2014-2015)
Mr. Tsun Ming FUNG, Kent – MPhil student (2012-2014)
Ms. Tsz Yan LUI, Daisy – BBMS FYP student (2015-2016)
Dr. Stella CHAI – UPF PhD student (2012-2015)
Mr. Chi Chung LAU, Marco – MPhil student (2014-2016)
Dr. Lok Hei CHAN, Jack – PhD student (2013-2016)
Mr. Dag WONG – BSc Biochem intern (2016-2017)
Mr. Chun Ho CHAN, Ben – BBMS FYP student (2016-2017)
Dr. Chi Han LI, Samson – Postdoctoral Fellow (2016-2017)
Ms. Tsz Wai LI, Natalie – MPhil student (2016-2018)
Mr. Tsz Lok FONG, Marco – BBMS FYP student (2018-2019)
Mr. Cheuk Yin LIN, Alan – BBMS FYP student (2018-2019)
Ms. Wan Foon KAU, Phillis – Senior Technical Officer (2013-2019)
Dr. Noelia CHE – PhD student (2016-2019)
Dr. Tin Chi LUK, Steve – UPF PhD student (2014-2018); PDF (2018-2019)
Dr. Huajian YU – Visiting student, Shanghai Jiaotong University (2018-2019)