Retirement, Promotions and Farewells

Many personnel changes to the team in the past month!

1. We wish our Senior Technical Officer Phillis a happy retirement. Thank you for your positive attitude, dedication and hard work to the team in the past 6 years. You have been instrumental not only in setting up the lab when we first started in the Department of Anatomy in 2013, but also in the smooth running of all our research work. Let your new adventures begin!
2. Congratulations to Johnson and Carol on their new roles as Lab Manager/Senior Technical Officer and Research Assistant Professor, respectively in the team. Keep up the good work!
3. We bid farewell to Alan and Marco (BBMS FYP students), Noel (PhD student) and Steve (PhD student and PDF). All the best to you all in your new endeavors. Thank you for your contribution to the lab.

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