State Key Lab of Liver Research Internal Research Meeting 2021

December 11, 2021 – Huajian, Matthew and Yunong of the team presented at this year’s State Key Laboratory of Liver Research (SKLLR) Internal Research Meeting. Morning well spent sharing our work and also learning about other liver disease-related studies! Congratulations to Matthew on securing one of the three Best Oral Presentation Awards and Yunong on securing the Best Poster Presentation Award. Proud of you all!

Our new paper in Cancer Research

Very happy to see our work on FSTL1+ CAFs in driving HCC stemness and metastasis finally published in the most recent issue of Cancer Research. Also out is our recently published and related mini-review article on the role of CAFs in the maintenance of stemness in the tumor microenviornment. Very well done, JJ, Carol, Natalie, and the team. We also thank our collaborators for their support.

Read the Cancer Research and Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology articles here.