SKLLR Annual Symposium 2019/20

July 18 2020 – This year’s State Key Laboratory of Liver Research (SKLLR) Annual Symposium was postponed again and again due to COVID-19. But despite all obstacles, the event was successfully held online through ZOOM on July 18th 2020. Our Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Tin-Lok Wong gave a presentation on his latest work “CRAF methylation by PRMT6 regulates aerobic glycolysis driven hepatocarcinogenesis via ERK-dependent PKM2 nuclear relocalization and activation” which was just published in the April 2020 issue of Hepatology.

Congrats to Steve on his Hepatology paper!

Read all about Steve’s REX1 story in the upcoming issue of Hepatology. In brief, the work describes a critical repressive function of REX1 in maintenance of HCC cells by regulating MKK6 binding and p38 MAPK signaling. REX1 deficiency induced enhancement of p38 MAPK signaling, leading to F-actin reorganization and activation of NRF2-mediated oxidative stress response, which collectively contributed to enhanced stemness and metastatic capabilites of HCC cells.

Luk ST, Ng KY, Zhou L, Tong M, Wong TL, Yu HJ, Lo CM, Man K, Guan XY, Lee TK, Ma S. Deficiency in embryonic stem cell marker REX1 activates MKK6-dependent p38 MAPK signaling to drive hepatocarcinogenesis. Hepatology 2019; accepted