10th International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology at Jilin University

Happy to have the opportunity to participate in the 10th International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology (ICSB2021) hosted by Jilin University from July 31 to August 1, 2021. The workshop gathered 20 chinese academics working in different parts of the world. I was told the presentations attracted over 10,000 audience on various social platforms. The power of virtual conferences!

FASEB Liver Meeting 2021

Stephanie shared the team’s latest work on liver cancer stem cell niche at the FASEB The Liver Biology Conference: Fundamental Mechanisms and Translational Applications held virtually on June 16-17, 2021. Huge thanks to organizers Stacey Huppert, Gen-Sheng Feng, Lijian Hui and Lars Zender for putting a great program together and also for the invitation to speak. The abstract submitted by Carol, RAP in the lab, was also selected for a flash talk at 5AM in the morning 🙂 It was great seeing old friends again at the meeting.

Conference agenda can be found here.

HK Inter-U Postgraduate Symposium in Biochemical Sciences 2021

PhD student Huajian gave an oral presentation on her research work at the HK Inter-U Postgraduate Symposium in Biochemcial Sciences held virtually on June 12, 2021 and secured one of the three Best Oral Presentation Awards!

PhD students JJ, Matthew and Jane also presented their work in the form of posters.

Day well spent learning about research postgraduate projects going on at HKU, CUHK and HKUST.
Well done everyone!

Keystone eSymposia – Cancer Stem Cells

Ecstatic to have the opportunity to participate at the Keystone eSymposia on Cancer Stem Cells: Advances in Biology and Clinical Translation held May 19-21, 2021. Shared my group’s recent research progress on how the non-cellular components of the tumor microenvironment shapes cancer stemness in the liver; and learnt about the exciting new projects from others! Postdoc Lena and PhD student Huajian in the lab also shared their recent research findings in a short talk and poster abstract. Link to full program can be found here.

A symposia report is also now published:
Cable J, Pei D, Reid LM, Wang XW, Bhatia S, Karras P, Melenhorst JJ, Grompe M, Lathia JD, Song E, Kuo CJ, Zhang N, White RM, Ma S, Ma L, Chin YR, Shen MM, Ng IOL, Kaestner KH, Zhou L, Sikandar S, Schmitt CA, Guo W, Wong CC, Ji J, Tang DG, Dubrovska A, Yang C, Wiedemeyer WR, Weissman IL. Cancer stem cells: advances in biology and clinical translation-a Keystone Symposia report. Ann NY Acad Sci 2021; 1506:142-63. PMID: 34850398.

Lab Retreat 2021

Our lab retreat was successfully held May 14-15 at HK Science Park’s InnoCell. The past year had been particularly challenging for everyone. It was a great opportunity to come together to share ideas, brainstorm, reflect, relax and socialize. I hope everyone enjoyed the time together. Thankful for my great team! #stayfocused #keeppushing

And together with Terence’s team …