Another paper in Hepatology!

Our joint publication with Dr Terence Lee’s team is accepted for publication in Hepatology. Congrats to Carmen, Carol and the team!

In brief, our work found SHP2 blockade by SHP099 in combination with sorafenib attenuated the adaptive resistance to sorafenib by impeding RTK-induced reactivation of the MEK/ERK and AKT signalling pathways. SHP099 in combination with sorafenib may represent a novel and safe therapeutic strategy against HCC.

Leung CO*, Tong M*, Chung KP, Zhou L, Che N, Tang KH, Ding J, Lau EY, Ng IO, Ma S^, Lee TK^. Overriding adaptive resistance to sorafenib via combination therapy with SHP2 blockade in hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatology 2019; Epub ahead of print. *co-first authors ^co-corresponding authors

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